We began writing this marriage devotional series a little over eight months now, and after more than twenty posts this would be the last post in this series. 

The goal of our photography business has always been to IMPACT, ENCOURAGE, and STRENGTHEN marriages, and as a HUSBAND AND WIFE PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM we realized that our Client Portrait Sessions would be a wonderful opportunity for us to leave a POSITIVE IMPRESSION upon their lives. But a healthy relationship takes effort, and that’s why we had decided to work through the Daily Marriage Devotional by Timothy and Kathy Keller. We started this blog series to share with you all what we have been learning from this devotional, so that your lives would also be blessed. That is our prayer as we conclude with this last blog post, so read on!!


Enduring discipline and enormous work is essential to succeed in any field or profession, you can’t just make it with raw, natural talent. The same principle applies to our marriage. It is naive to think that we can live LOVINGLY and WELL with our spouse without expending any effort, especially in light of what is profoundly wrong within our human nature—self-centeredness. And just in case you think you are exempt, here are some characteristics of a self-centered person. “They are willful, always insisting on their own way. They are ungenerous with praise and encouragement, tending instead to be scornful. They are slow to admit when they are in the wrong, and repentance is always traumatic, never a relief. Finally, they either enjoy confrontation too much or else refuse to ever do it.” We are all affected by this in varying degrees, the more self-centered we are, the less aware we are of it; the less self-centered we are, the more we sense it in ourselves. This is why a good marriage is more painfully hard to achieve than athletic or artistic prowess. What we need to do is ask God to speak to us about our sin, and also of His love for us, so that we can repent and change in joy and relief.

Marriage No Substitute For God

“At one time we expected marriage and family to provide LOVE, SUPPORT, and SECURITY. But for meaning in life, hope for the future, moral compass, and self-identity we looked to God and the afterlife. Today, however, our culture has taught us that no one can be sure of those things, not even whether they exist.” 

And because of such prevailing views modern day people are turning to romantic love to satisfy the DEEPEST LONGINGS of their hearts, to get what we used to get from faith in God. We have elevated romance and marriage to the place of God and are reaping its consequences. People are putting off “marriage as they hunt for the absolutely perfect soul mate.” But “marriage was never meant to satisfy us like communion with God, nor is it capable of doing so.”

When God’s love for us becomes just another abstract thing in our lives and when his fellowship with us is too weak we tend to put pressure on other things to make us happy, including our marriage. What we need is a realignment and a refocussing of our hearts!

We hope that the topics that we have covered in this series have proved to be helpful in your marriage relationship. We are truly grateful to God for this opportunity that he gave us to serve you all in this manner.

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