Weekends are usually spent in our home these days and not outdoors because of all that’s going on right now. So, you all might be wondering how we are managing to keep the kids engaged while they are at home, considering the fact that we have two boys between the age’s of 4 and 7. Well, this is what we did last weekend.

Board Games

Noah is still a pre-schooler so it’s still difficult to get him engaged with board games (we haven’t tried any board games for pre-schoolers because we figured it would be difficult for us grown ups to play along,) but he doesn’t mind coming along and watching us from the sidelines. 🙂 We are playing “The Settlers of Catan” for now and even though it’s mentioned on the pack that it’s meant for those who are 10 and over Jayden doesn’t seem to be having any trouble playing along with us, in fact, he wants to play it even on weekdays. 🙂 It’s a really ENGAGING game, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and depending upon the number of players playing, each game would exceed an hour to complete!!


We didn’t realize this but we had a lot of Lego blocks lying around unassembled in our homes, mostly gifted to the kids by their grand-parents. Little did we know about its HIDDEN POTENTIAL to keep them engaged for hours, until we read on Laura Vanderkam’s site that “Build Lego Yoda with my 10-year-old” was on her 2020 Summer Fun List. She’s the author of the book “168 Hours” (there’s a lot of wisdom in that book about how we can manage time.) 

We’ve been working on two Lego projects over the last two weeks. The first project that we finished was a Lego Ferrari Scuderia Corsa (that was given to Jayden for his birthday) and then the other one Lego City project. There are some missing blocks but we are making do with whatever we got, and the boys are loving it! 

That was the story happening in our home this past weekend! We hope that this post would be helpful in giving you some ideas to engage your children at home! At the end of the day what really matters is just spending QUALITY TIME with your children, because that’s what they are really longing for!

Details, Portrait

Details, Portrait

Details, Portrait

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