Marriage relationships thrive where there is Transparency and Humility! Perfect OPENNESS and AFFIRMATION is essential in every relationship, but it is easier said than done. In this post we are looking at the hindrances that keep us from opening up to our spouse and how we can eliminate them so that we can have a more THRIVING and HEALTHY relationship! Then another important topic that we will be touching upon is about the need for HUMILITY in our marriage relationship because of our inherent weaknesses.

We are continuing our Marriage Devotional blog series based upon the book by Timothy and Kathy Keller. You can catch up on our previous blog posts by clicking here.


Being Transparent

Love is Risky! Adam and Eve enjoyed a perfect relationship before they disobeyed God, there was total TRANSPARENCY and total VULNERABILITY in their relationship, an absolute openness, without any hint of abuse of that privilege! But that is not the case now, sin entered into the world because Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and it has corrupted everything, including all our relationships. And so, the ideal of perfect openness and affirmation has been dispelled. Yet, in God’s grand design marriage is designed for TRUTH as well as LOVE, this is only possible where there is GOSPEL TRANSFORMATION. Unless our lives are transformed by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are incapable of speaking the truth in love to our spouse. The gospel grants us the INNER SECURITY and the ‘FULLNESS OF LOVE’ which are essential tools needed in any marriage relationship for greater FLOURISHING. We need to make ourselves vulnerable to our spouse, in order to love each other well, it’s risky, love is risky!


The Need For Humility

Obsessiveness, fear, guilt, addiction, and oppression can be expected in any marriage. This is because of the curse that has descended upon the human race as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. Women and men are not affected by sin in the same way, and so their idols and frustrations are different. What is really called for is HUMILITY, while it is true that we cannot avoid the effect of sin in our relationships, we can still understand why we have those feelings and emotions and work to overcome them. There is no place in our marriage for either ‘hopeless cynicism or naïve romanticism.’

We hope that this post would help you all to have a thriving and healthy marriage relationship!! We are praying for you!!

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