In today’s blog post based upon the book, “The Meaning of Marriage A Couple’s Devotional” by Timothy and Kathy Keller, we are writing about the VULNERABILITY that is essential to love another person well. We will also be touching upon a topic that could be one of the major reasons for a lot of the conflicts that we face in our marriage. We hope that this post would help you to build a strong and lasting marriage!! You can read the previous posts in this series by clicking here.

Being Vulnerable

Loving your spouse and giving yourself completely to that other person is the most WONDERFUL thing about a marriage relationship. But it is not without risks, there will be times of disappointment and hurt in any loving relationship. Many young people wary of such misgivings are putting off marriage. However, it’s not like the alternative is risk free. ‘Love is SELF-OPENING’ and its opposite is fear, to love someone is to make yourself vulnerable to that other person. You could protect yourselves from getting hurt in relationships by withdrawing yourself from them, but that robs you of your ability to love, and leads to hardness of heart and loneliness. This can happen even within a marriage relationship, and so we must take every step possible to avoid it. “Perfect love casts out fear.” 1 John 4:18the key to overcoming fear in any relationship is to rest SECURE in the love of God assured for His children, through His Son Jesus. 


The Reason For Much Of The Difficulties In Marriage

“No one is just “gifted” at marriage the way some young athletes have impressive natural abilities.” The major difficulties that we face in our marriage is due to our own character flaws, especially our selfishness. There’s no secret formula to eradicate it. To a large extend we can hide it from others and even, to a degree, from ourselves. But in the context of a marriage relationship what lay hidden in the bottom is bound to come up to the surface, and ‘it takes great effort to OVERCOME our natural lack of talent for marriage.’ Your own selfishness could be the reason for many of the conflicts in your marriage. We need God’s help to truly understand our own level of selfishness and to save us from self-justification. 


As always we are cheering for you!! 

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