Birthday’s are always fun! And when you have twins celebrating their birthday, now that’s twice the fun. That’s what we had last Thursday, when my nephews Nathan and Jonathan were celebrating their 9th birthday. I still remember seeing them for the first time at the hospital, they were so tiny, snuggled up next to their mom (my sister). Over the years, it has been a joy for us to see you both grow and to share our lives with you. If there is anything that our kids will never grow tired of, it’s going to their cousins place, and when all the four boys get together, they bring the house down.

One might think that Nathan and Jonathan being twins would have a similar character but the truth is they are so different. But in the end, having someone around who’s your age and who has been with you from the start, now that’s a treasure.

A bit about the twins, Nathan’s the elder one and he loves arts and craft, and Jonathan (we call him Johnny,) he’s more into music and he loves to play the guitar, and yeah, Nathan plays the drums.

Happy birthday boys! We love you both. It was great to be a part of your birthday celebrations. I enjoyed the time I got with you both, I know that you would rather go and have fun than stay still for a picture but still you did that and I’m so thankful, because these pictures are memories that you will cherish maybe not now but later. This is why I love doing what I do, because I get to capture the joy and love found within a family.

Hopefully, we could have the celebrations outdoors next time, then I would get to photograph you both in ‘Natural Light’ and that’s where the real beauty is, especially during the golden hour!! 

Remember to live your lives to please God and to delight in Him. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of the heart.”

I hope you all enjoy the pictures of Nathan and Jonathan’s birthday party.




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