Having the right perspective in life is something that would do us a whole lot of good, we all need course corrections from time to time, this applies too even in our marriage relationships. We hope that this post would help in that way.

We are continuing our blog series based on the Marriage Devotional by Timothy and Kathy Keller. This is the sixth post in the series, you can read the other posts by clicking here


Getting Our Perspectives Right

In our day and age there are those who believe that marriage is a lot of hard work, you know, all that heavy lifting stuff like self-discipline, and so they don’t want anything to do with it. And then there are others who believe that, if they were to only find their true soul mate then their marriage would be just a breeze. If we were to take our cues from the culture at large we are led to believe that the answer to all of life’s worries and troubles is perfect romance, but at the same, there are also other cultural voices insisting that we should never give up our independence to anyone. So, which is it? What are we to believe? Well, the perfect antidote to a an overly optimistic or pessimistic expectation of marriage is to seek our HIGHEST FULFILLMENT in the love of God, then and only then will we have the right perspective. Marriage is neither a quintessential that we can’t do without in this life nor an impossible dream. 


The Path to True Freedom

We have entered into a marriage relationship by giving up on our personal freedom in order to know the deeper freedom of MUTUAL LOVE and SACRIFICAL SERVICE to one another. In our life together there are instances when we fail each other because we are not perfect, and those are times when we need to repent and forgive each other, that’s how the relationship will deepen. On the other hand, we enter into a relationship with God because Jesus Christ set aside his own rights and privileges and came down into this earth to die for us, and we on our part have laid down our rights to self-determination. Furthermore, our relationship with Christ is also characterized by failures, repentance, and forgiveness. And so in our relationship with God and with our spouse, it is through failures that we LEARN and GROW. There are other similarities too in both these relationships, modeling our marriage relationship on the basis of our relationship with God will set you on the right course to freedom.

We hope that this post would help you to build a strong marriage. Thank you for joining us on this journey this far.


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