Marriage is a REFINING tool!! For a long time I didn’t consider marriage because I thought I wasn’t well prepared to enter into such a serious relationship. I thought I wasn’t good enough. But now in retrospect, I can honestly say that, it’s my marriage relationship to Tisha that has actually helped to shape me to be a BETTER PERSON!!

We are continuing our marriage devotional blog series where we are sharing what we have been learning from the book, ‘The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional’ by Timothy and Kathy KellerEarly into this year, we had decided to read this book together to work on our marriage, because we realized that if we were to leave anything to neglect it’s bound to fall apart. 

This week we will be looking at how our marriage is helping to refine us. 

Missing Out

In the past, people were willing to get married when they were much younger, but nowadays things have changed. Today young adults put off marriage till they consider themselves to be in a very stable position financially, psychologically, and socially. Whereas in the past, couples were getting married younger and seeking to figure out life together, these days, men and women prefer to enter into a marriage relationship only after having their life-course all well set, the marriage partner is only meant to serve the role of a facilitator, towards that life goal. But moving forward with such an attitude, many couples are missing out on the WISDOM, GUIDANCE, and COUNSEL that the other spouse can bring to the table, to help set the right course in life.  And in the end, such an attitude is unrealistic because people continue to change after marriage.


Knowing Yourself

Many people postpone marriage thinking that they will wait until they have an established identity, until they know who they are. In every marriage the husband and the wife should be willing to surrender their selfish desires for the good of the other; HUMILITY, GRACE, SELFCONTROL, and INNER SECURITY will help us towards this end! But these character qualities will be better formed in us when we are willing to subject ourselves to the REFINING EXPERIENCE of marriage. Your spouse is uniquely suited to help you to examine your own life to discern the bad from the good from the best within. “But waiting to ‘find oneself’ before marriage assumes that self-knowledge is mainly a solitary process of discovering one’s deepest desires. It is not.” 

We hope that this post would prove to be blessing in your marriage!! Details, Portrait

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