Marriage has the POWER to CHANGE us for the good in so many areas of our lives, but to unlock its full potential there is a key aspect that we must not overlook!

And did you know that in a marriage relationship FEELINGS of LOVE will follow ACTIONS of LOVE when you are both seeking to love each other.

These are the topics that we are covering in our blog post this week as we continue our blog series based on the Daily Marriage Devotional by Timothy and Kathy Keller. You can read our previous blog posts by clicking here.


How Your Marriage Can Change You!

A marriage relationship can refine and change us for the good in ways that no other relationship can. Your marriage helps you to experience greater physical and mental health, as it provides you with support in suffering, accountability, and incentive for saving, investment, and delay gratification. Your spouse is someone with whom you spend a vast amount of time together, he or she gets to see you up close and personal, in a way that no one else can. That puts your spouse in a very unique position to provide you with a very accurate picture of yourself. But for this to be truly effective we must learn to speak the truth to each other in love, otherwise we can get a more distorted picture of ourselves than before.


Arranged Marriages

The premise of Arranged Marriages is that you can “grow to love someone with whom you are not initially passionate.” Timothy Keller’s own grandmother’s marriage was arranged and in describing it she told him that feelings of love follow actions of love as long as you are both seeking to love the other person. This goes against the grain of what is largely believed in our present context about the prerequisite of good chemistry or passionate feelings between a man and woman before they should commit to a marriage relationship. And that’s the reason why we are afraid of marriage. The Bible does not favor arranged marriage, but it does give fair warning of overly relying on our feelings and passions to choose our spouse.

We hope that this post will help you in building a strong marriage that is both fulfilling and enriching. We are praying for you.


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