Marriage serves as a WONDERFUL tool for personal transformation!! In this week’s post in our marriage devotional blog series based upon the book, ‘The Meaning of Marriage A Couple’s Devotional’ by Timothy and Kathy Keller, we are looking at how our marriage relationship TRANSFORMS our lives for the better. We will also be covering the topic of ‘Gender Differences.’ Men and women NEED each other because of these differences!! 

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Driven to Change

The marriage relationship places a demand upon us to make major changes in our lives in order to better SERVE our spouse! If we refuse to make those changes then that shows that we don’t truly love our spouse. What usually takes place in a good marriage is that, both the husband and the wife love one another in spite of their flaws, this kind of love should serve as a MOTIVATION for us to change in order to better love our spouse!! Marriage in this way reflects the GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our relationship with Christ transforms our lives, ‘No one can come into an intimate relationship with the Lord and Savior of the world and remain as they are.’ Our faith in Christ is revealed by a transformed life, for “faith without works (i.e., a changed life of love and holiness) is dead” (James 2:17). ‘The gospel explains marriage, and marriage explains the gospel.’

Differences – A Basis for Growth

In general, women see themselves as more agreeable, friendly, and sensitive to feelings, while men see themselves as more assertive and open to new ideas. Gender differences are real and persist across times and culture, this lays emphasis on the fact that men and women need each other!! These difference are meant to be more a BASIS FOR GROWTH than for conflict in your marriage! Our strengths comes with attached weaknesses. The Bible insists on gender diversity in a marriage because of the differences that exists between a man and woman. ‘So, especially in marriage, men and women should LISTEN to one another, CALL one another to change, and HEED one another’s call.’

We hope that this post would help to encourage you to work through your differences and motivate you to change in those areas where you need to in order to build a STRONGER marriage. As always, we are praying for you!

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