Do you have Balanced View of Marriage? Read on to find out! Here we are in week 3! We are working our way through The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional: A Year of Daily Devotions, by Timothy and Kathy Keller, and we have been sharing what we have learned so far in the hopes of transforming your marriage. Last week, we wrote about working out new patterns in your marriage and about the ‘safety net’ in our marriages, which is the marriage covenant; and the week before that we discussed about the impact of a healthy marriage in a society, and about the need for nurturing a real friendship with your spouse. This week the topics that we are dealing with are Procreativity and about having a balanced view of marriage. So, let’s get right into it.


While it is true that not all marriages will produce children, nevertheless, God has designed marriage to be capable of CREATING and NURTURING new LIFE, and it takes both the male and female together doing something the other cannot do in order to produce new human beings. Children need the INFLUENCE of both the PARENTS in their upbringing, because both the FATHER and the MOTHER are bringing to the table a unique set of STRENGTHS and SKILLSET that are indispensable for the WHOLESOME rearing of a child. Furthermore, the SECURITY and STABILITY that a lifelong marriage COMMITMENT between a husband and a wife provides is essential for the child to THRIVE.

We have been blessed with two boys, and even before we got married we had both agreed that it was our God-given responsibility to bear children and to rear them up in a God honoring way. We have to confess that the journey has not been easy, it has its ups and downs, but we are trying to be genuinely involved in our children’s lives. That is one of the reason why we had opted for ‘Homeschooling’ our children using a Christian education curriculum.

Finding the right balance

Marriage is good, but it is not easy because we are sinners. This realistic view of human beings which the Bible teaches, does not afford us to have a sentimental view of marriage or a cynical view. We are living in a time when marriages are considered as just a matter of mere convenience, whereas in the past it was thought to be of absolute necessity. These are both distorted views of marriage, and we need to work our way between these two views if we are to choose a right marriage partner or to live well with your spouse.

We were both brought up in homes where we were taught that marriage is a natural progression of life, and to be honest, we do not know, how our lives would have turned out if we were taught that being single is also a path that has God’s approval. Well, now that we are married neither we nor God would have it any other way.

We hope that this post would be helpful in some way to help strengthen your relationship with your spouse. So here are some takeaways that you can implement in your own marriage:

  • Understand that children are to be welcomed as God’s plan for your marriage. Be actively involved in their upbringing; they are looking up to you as their role models. The way you treat your spouse is going to have a huge influence on how they would treat their own spouses in their marriages.


  • Examine your own view of marriage and determine if you are leaning towards either one of the above mentioned distorted views of marriage and seek to correct your course, so that your expectations of marriage would be balanced.

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