Yay! It’s my first blog.
Well, starting off, the last few months had brought about a lot of changes in our lives and all based around a common theme, read on to find out what that is.

Saying Goodbyes
After many years of being together, my wife’s sister and family moved out to another country here in the middle east. Though it may take only a few hours to get there, it is still another country!
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A New Home
We didn’t think it would be possible but we finally did it, we moved out of our old apartment, our home for the last 6 years. Pictures will be posted soon.

Then we moved out our son from a regular school this year and got him enrolled into a homeschooling curriculum. The school timings here for the kids were always a concern for us, plus we wanted to have a much more bigger role to play in his education.

Launch of a New Website and a New Business Venture
Lastly, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now, ever since I had fallen in love with photography. It all started out with iPhone photography, that set me on a journey of learning and practicing and fine tuning my skills in photography. Finally, I have been wanting to make use of the knowledge that I’ve gained in this field to serve others, so, I’m launching a new website, it’s just a tiny step to a new business venture by which I hope to move out from my current profession. Check out my About page to know more about me.

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