A short while back I had finished reading a book written by Christopher Ash titled, “Married for God.”  The book came with lot of good recommendations and so I was very eager to read it. The book was a true blessing for me and still continues to have an impact on my life. So, I thought I would do something helpful for you all and share some helpful advise from the book.
The book begins with a preface titled, “Is This Book For You?” Well, this book is for those who are planning to get married, those who have just got married, those who have been married for long, and for those who are single.
You can gather from the title that this book is about putting God at the center of your marriage, and the author pulls no punches in going on about that. The reason that he gives for putting God at the center of our marriage is quite obvious, God is our maker and He will be our judge. We need to listen to Him. We need to understand what are His goals and purposes for our marriage, and make sure we line up to His expectations. God has created this world with structure and order and that includes moral order, and so when we are asking what God wants for our marriage, we are asking for what is best for us.
When we are able to answer the ‘why’ of marriage then our purposes will be clear and we will be in a better position to know ‘how’ to build a strong marriage. God’s ‘why’ matters more than my ‘why.’ When we put God at the center like this, it will turn our thinking upside down.
There is more to write about this book, but I will just keep that for a later blogpost, so stay tuned.

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