We bought Tim Sander’s Love is the killer appwhile we were in India, from Amazon, and when we got it, we actually thought of returning it back because the seller had sold us a pretty old copy, which was in a bad state. But we had second thoughts because it was almost time for us to travel back to the Emirates, and we figured that if we were to return the book back and reorder it, then we might not just be able to get another copy before we left. And boy, were we glad we didn’t, because this book is packed with a lot of WISDOM! 

Love is the killer app, is a book about how we can succeed in the world of business or in our professions. What is most important to succeed is to be a LOVECAT. You might be wondering what on earth is a lovecat? I will let the author explain, here is a quote from the book: “I believe that the most important new trend in business is the downfall of the barracudas, sharks, and piranhas, and the ascendancy of NICE, SMART PEOPLE- because they are what I call LOVECATS.” The world of business is run via intangibles – KNOWLEDGE, NETWORK, and COMPASSION, and we need to differentiate ourselves in these three areas to separate ourselves from our competition, and the key way to differentiate ourselves is by using LOVE as a point of differentiation. We ought to INTELLIGENTLY and SENSIBLY SHARE our knowledge, network, and compassion with our bizpartners as an expression of BIZLOVE in order to move forward.  The book is divided into three parts based on these intangibles: Knowledge, Network, and Compassion. Now, what about these three intangibles?

KNOWLEDGE: It refers to all that you have learned and everything you continue to learn. This is knowledge acquired while doing your job, and also all that you have learned through reading. 

NETWORK: This refers to all your contacts, all the people you know. 

COMPASSION: This is the ability to to reach out to others with warmth. It can be expressed through contact or words.

Knowledge, network, and compassion: These are the three intangibles, which when shared appropriately with those with whom we partner with in our work life, will actually propel our career forward.

I was introduced to this book by Matt Perman’s book What’s Best Next? (which is a book about productivity.) In that book he suggests reading Love is the killer app to learn how to make knowledge work for you or in other words, how can we read effectively. That was what I found to be really helpful in this book! In the section titled, ‘Knowledge’ Tim deals with how we can make knowledge work for us. It’s not enough to just read books, we need to digest what we are reading. This is done primarily through four steps: (1) AGGREGATION, (2) ENCODING, (3) PROCESSING, and (4) APPLICATION. Here is a brief description of these four steps:

AGGREGATION: This step involves picking out the right kind of books that is relevant to the subject that you are studying. You would need to identify key words that are pertinent to your area of expertise, and then pick up books from the book store that contain those words. You could also do this in an online book store.

ENCODING: This steps refers to the process of ‘Tagging’ (highlighting) and ‘Cliffing’ (note-taking) the books that you are reading. This will help you in better understanding the main ideas contained in the book.

PROCESSING: This step primarily involves the process of going back and reviewing the books that you have read. This can be done by going through the notes that you have taken.

APPLICATION: This step involves the process of applying the knowledge that you have gained mainly by sharing it with others.

This is only a brief description of these steps, there is so much more to it. These steps have proved to be a real eye-opener for me, and I’m sure it would be for you all as well.

All in all, Tim Sander’s Love is the killer app, is a good read not just for business people but for everyone, especially because of what you would be learning about how to make knowledge work for you (in other words, how to read well!)

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