About 10 years back on August 30th, 2009, I was driving back to work in the afternoon from Dubai. I had gone there to sit for a test to get a license to practice as a pharmacist in Dubai. I was driving back feeling pretty low because I didn’t get through, and just as I was parking my car in the parking lot near my office, I got a call from my parents, and they sounded really excited, they were calling to let me know that my sister had delivered twin boys, and their excitement just spilled over, and helped me to get over the blues of flunking the test by just a few points. So, right there and then, sitting in the car, I gave thanks to God for His precious gifts and for all His goodness. Those two boys, Nathan and Jonathan, were the ‘silver lining in the clouds’ on that cloudy day, a day I will never forget!

So, every time we get near to your birthday’s, Nathan and Jonathan, I am reminded of that incident in my life, and feel encourage to put my trust in God in all circumstances.

I did not attempt that test again, but I got through another test which qualified me to practice as a licensed pharmacist nationally, and has so far fueled our dream to one day work as full time photographers with a purpose to, “Impact, Encourage, and Strengthen Marriages.” We are really passionate about that. 

Nathan and Jonathan, we had such a great time celebrating your tenth birthday, and capturing all the wonderful memories of the day, all the fun, laughter and play. If only every day was like your birthday 🙂

We loved it how both of you even in the midst of all the excitement of exploring your new toys were willing to take a break for few minutes to have your birthday portraits taken by us.

Remember to always listen to your parents and follow their example, they love you and they want the best for you. Don’t ever forget who you belong to. We love you both, and we are glad to have you in our lives. Live for Jesus!

Here are some of the pictures that we had captured of Nathan’s and Jonathan’s birthday. We love to work with joyful clients and to deliver images that are joyful and fresh, and so while we were editing these pictures for the blog, we just couldn’t stop smiling, nor could our boys. We hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as we did.



Kids, Portrait

Kids, PortraitKids, Portrait Kids, Portrait Kids, Portrait Kids, Portrait Kids, Portrait Kids, Portrait

The boys were gifted with a new cycle by their parents!!

Details, Portrait

They love collecting bottle caps !!

Details, Portrait Details, Portrait Kids, Portrait Details, Portrait Kids, Portrait Kids, Portrait Kids, Portrait


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