The Perfect Marriage! Is that really possible? Well, it isn’t easy. But you can have a Healthy Marriage!

Marriage is hard because we are putting two imperfect people (a male and a female) together, in an imperfect world. It’s not that marriage is bad, and you should avoid it at all cost, it’s just that life in general is hard, and your marriage relationship like everything else in your life, if it is neglected, it will not FLOURISH!! You’ve got to work at it, that’s why of late, we’ve decided in our relationship to set aside time almost every day to work together on a Marriage Devotional!! We are using, The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional: A Year of Daily Devotions, by Tim and Kathy Keller. And we thought it would be helpful to share what we have learned from this book, so that you all too could benefit from it. We are planning to post regularly on a weekly basis as we make inroads into this book!!

No human society can thrive without healthy marriages.

God invented marriage for the good of our society. A THRIVING and HEALTHY marriage is not just a benefit for ourselves but also for the larger society.

To be honest, we didn’t have such a view of our own marriage. Knowing this has helped us to stay MOTIVATED in pursuing our marriage RELATIONSHIP because in doing so we are not just serving ourselves but serving others in our society as well.

We have a God-created need that nothing but human love relationships can satisfy.

Great friendships are essential for a thriving human life, and so too for a thriving marriage relationship. It tends to get neglected amidst the daily responsibilities of life, but we are all created with a longing for COMPANIONSHIP, and for those of us who are married, our marriage partners are the ones with whom we must seek to fulfill this longing!

In our own marriage, this is a work in progress, we are working together to spend INTENTIONAL time together, reading this marriage devotional together has helped us to be able to do that in a little way.

As a husband and wife photography team, we know that our clients are always observing our relationship when we are out shooting together, so we believe that it’s our responsibility to demonstrate a THRIVING and HEALTHY marriage in all circumstances! That wouldn’t be possible without much effort!

We hope that this post would be helpful in a little way to help you build a STRONG and LASTING marriage, that would be a BLESSING for not just for yourself but also for those around you! We  are hoping to continue with this series in the coming weeks. Married for God, by Christopher Ash is another wonderful book that would help you in gaining a DEEPER and BETTER understanding of marriage, and we wrote a two part review on our blog after reading it. You can read Part 1 by clicking here and Part 2 by clicking here. Stay blessed!!

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