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Photography serves as a WONDERFUL TOOL for journaling our lives! Now as professional photographers we know that we would be better served in this endeavor by carrying our professional DSLR cameras everywhere, but portability is an issue—if only we could carry those DSLRs in our pockets, but there’s another option, it’s the next best thing to the DSLR—it’s your SMARTPHONE! 

The smartphone has revolutionized the way we live our lives, and one way that it has done this is by providing us with a DIGITAL CAMERA IN OUR POCKETS! But like most things in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages, and what we have experienced as a major drawback with the smartphone camera is the massive pile-up of photos in the phone’s photo library, so much so that we never bother going back into our gallery to review the photos that we took, they are forgotten. 

Back in the days of film cameras, we were all limited to the number of images that we could capture, and the only option that we had to view them was to go to the studio and have the film developed. It was a hassle, but it did ensure that we had albums of family photos sitting on our coffee tables for everyone to go through. I have fond memories of my childhood days of going to the studio with my parents and coming back home excited with an album or two. Memories were kindled every time we picked up those albums and glanced through their pages. This has gone amiss with the advent of the smartphone camera; our children are missing out on something that helped to form us in our childhood years.

We didn’t want that to happen in our home, so we were really stoked to come across this neat app called ‘Chatbooks.‘ This is an app that we use to print albums of the photos that we take on our smartphones. You can download it for free either on the Apple App store or on the Google Play store, depending upon your smartphone device. It’s very EASY TO SETUP. You start off by creating a personal account in Chatbooks and then have it synced with your Instagram account (Instagram Photo Book Series – this is how we do it, but there are other options as well, you can have it synced with your Facebook account, or your favorites folder in your phone’s photo library) and that’s it, the app does all the heavy lifting work for you. Every time there are 60 photos posted on your Instagram account you will get a notification from Chatbooks saying that your next photo album is headed to print. Then if you would like to make any changes to your album, you can do so in the app, and after confirming the changes, you can send the album to print and it will be dispatched to your mailing address (at the time of writing this post they don’t provide shipping to the United Arab Emirates, so we use MyUS to have it shipped to our address here) once it’s printed. 

In our home, the children love going through the Chatbooks Photo Albums to see the photos and read the captions beneath them. The only downside that we have found so far is the cost of shipping but hopefully, it will come down once they start providing shipping options to UAE. 

We hope that you will give Chatbooks a try, you can have your first album PRINTED FOR FREE (get $10 off your first order) by using our personal referral code: AsishRaju-ZZVW or by clicking here.

Details Shot



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