Jayden’s Eleventh Birthday


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Happy birthday, dear Jayden! Well, you have completed another year of your second decade. How quickly the years are going by! 

Looking back on this year in your life there have been many changes that have come about. The most profound of those changes would have been the fact that this was the year you said goodbye to one of your grandpas, Trivandrum Appachen. 

The school year for you was EXCITING, you enjoyed being in Ms. Amsbaugh’s class and you were so glad that she was going to continue to teach you into Grade 5 as well. You learned how to write book reviews and in spelling, you learned a LOT of words!! Science and History are your favorite subjects.

From roller skating, you have now moved on to ROLLERBLADING! Reading continues to be at the top of the list of favorite things that you love to do, speed reading to get to the end and then re-reading it to savor the book. So, we can remember you enjoying the Narnia books and the Lord of the Rings series again. Then there was the Wingfeather (thanks to Ms. Leah) and the Dreamkeeper Sagas which was also another highlight! 

TV time is still something that we think comes in as a close second for you as an entertainment option, (but I guess you would say it’s number one on your list). We are seeing fewer of the ‘Kratt Brothers’ and more of ‘Supa Strikas’ these days. 

You also go to do some baking this year, from baking for Noah’s and Mommy’s birthdays to replenishing the pantry when we were out of deserts. Beach trips during the summer months have been another highlight, you are now able to venture into the waters without your floats because you had to pass on yours to Dane 😀.  

Finally, in church you have completed a year in ‘Tweens’ and that has been quite an ADVENTURE. We are thankful that you have a good knowledge of the Bible, our prayer is that your life would be transformed by the power of God’s Word. We love you, Jade! ❤️

Kids Portrait
Kids Portrait
Kids Portrait
Kids Portrait



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