Happy Birthday Noah !! Our sweet little boy! Today, you turn four years old. What can we say? We thought having raised up your elder brother; things would be a whole lot easier with you. But what we realized is a truth that (we all know quite well but tend to forget).. “No two child are alike”. Though in some areas things are smooth sailing with you, there are certain other areas where the roads are still uneven and bumpy. Well, none of us are given a perfect child, and we were never promised an easy life, the joy is found in the journey, in the process. And what a journey it has been so far for you little one; and we, as your parents get to do this journey with you for only a short while, and along the way we are helping you to make sense of the signboards, till you are able to read it for yourself. 

Noah, you love to make believe, you love to go to sleep imagining yourself to be a ‘Chef’, making tasty delicacies for us all. You love to sing and to spend time looking at all the pictures in your books. Friday is your favorite day, because that’s when you get to go to church for ‘Sunday School.’ Like your brother, both of you are head over heels about cars !! 

You had your grand parents, aunts and uncles all call you up today to wish you “Happy Birthday,” and we tried to get you to reply to them by saying “Thank you” but you would start off by saying “Happy Birthday” to them 🙂 We know that this too will pass. We are loving every moment that we get with you. 

Happy Birthday again !! We are praying that you will grow up to be a man after God’s own heart. May you bring ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’ to those around you, for that is what your name means.

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