Happy Birthday Jayden!!
January is a special month in our home because that’s the month when our firstborn son was born!! 
Jayden, this is your month! Just as the Christmas season approaches, you know that the year is drawing to a close and you just can’t wait for it to be January! 
 You came into our lives bringing so much joy into our hearts, and you still continue to do that! What we love about this season of your life is your willingness to hear us out and your childhood innocence (how precious is that!!) The Bible tells us that, we should be wise as to what is good and innocent as to what is evil, and as your parents we pray that you would do that all your days!!
There’s a lot that has happened in this past one year of your life! One thing that stands out in our mind is that, this has been the year that you’ve learned reading and comprehension. We’ve seen you spent time reading books, and sometimes reading for your little brother!! It is our hearts desire that as you read good books your days will be filled with many adventures!! 
What else? Well, you are still so fascinated with bubbles and stickers (every time we visit the fruits & vegetable section in the grocery, you always come away with a lot of stickers 🙂 ) .
You love playing with your little brother, we would love to see you become a good example for him to follow. Remember what we always keep telling you both, all your other friends are not always going to be there for you both, but you’ve got each other, as best friends for life!! So we pray that you would never lose sight of the great gift that He has given you both, the gift of each other!!
Kids Portrait

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