Gender differences can make marriage’s hard but it can also make it RICHER!! We are continuing our Marriage Devotional blog series based upon the book by Timothy and Kathy Keller. In this post we are looking into the role that gender differences play in our marriage. You can catch up on our previous blog posts by clicking here.


Our Need For The Other

God has created us as male and female. He created Eve (the first woman) to be a helper to Adam (the first man) meaning that the ‘woman had supplementary and complementary STRENGTHS that the man does not have, and vice versa.’ Each gender has its own unique ABILITIES and BEAUTIES, and marriage serves to bring that together in a new family unit that is formed on the earth. A society that is comprised of only one gender is considered impoverished, and so too any marriage that is comprised of only one gender. ‘Marriage includes the full range of HUMAN EXCELLENCE, which is only available if we have both genders present.’


Beauty In Diversity

We read in the Bible, that God took out a rib from Adam’s side and from it he formed Eve. This implies ‘that the woman will have qualities that are identical to the man’s but also some that are now missing from him.’ And so, God describes Eve as one who is SUITABLE for Adam. When we examine our own lives we realize that we have similarities and differences with the opposite gender, we are ‘equal yet profoundly different. Marriage is therefore complementary COMPANIONSHIP, a unity achieved across difference.’ This unity between two diverse parties is one that is hard won, and so, ‘gender differences are both glorious and difficult.’

We hope that this post would help you to see and appreciate the various gender differences that are present in your marriage and work through it to live in HARMONY and INTERDEPENDENCE with your spouse. Blessings!


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