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Couple Portrait

We had been praying for this day for some time and that day finally came on April 20, when Tisha’s younger brother, Chris, got engaged. This was why we traveled to India from Sharjah on April 15. That date is SIGNIFICANT because it was just one day before the heavy rains hit the UAE. It would have been challenging for us to attend his engagement if we had not traveled that very day. Our neighbors informed us later of the difficulties that they faced. Flights were being canceled and many of the roads were blocked. It was God’s MERCY and KINDNESS towards us that we could travel to Kerala on time.

When we stepped out of the airport in Trivandrum the reality of the heatwave in Kerala hit us hard.  Up to that point, we had only heard about it but now we were experiencing it firsthand. 

On the day of the engagement, the mercury kept rising!  But the heat wasn’t going to be a deterrent for the children nor for the bride(Jochebed) and groom-to-be (Chris). By the grace of God, the day’s proceedings went WONDERFULLY. We got to meet Jochebed for the FIRST TIME, our kids got to SING with their cousins, and we enjoyed the time that we had with our extended family!! Now all of us are counting down the days (some among us, literally 😀) to the WEDDING in December.

Couple portrait


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Couple Portrait

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