Dear Love, 

I am writing a letter to you for your birthday. Can you believe that? Of all the things I have done for you on your birthday in the past several years, this is a first! Don’t you think it is unique to have celebrated your birthday, at a time such as this? God willing, after many years you could talk to your grandchildren about ‘The birthday of 2020-covid-19.’ I truly thank our loving Heavenly Father for bringing us together and blessing me with you, as I believe that I am the one that is more blessed in this union. Your gentle, forbearing and wise nature is what I enjoy the best. I hope that it will rub off on me and I too could own such qualities. How are you? (No, I didn’t forget that this question should have been the very first thing I write in a letter to a dear one. It’s only that, I know how you are because we are with each other in this lockdown. What I meant by writing it here, is, how are you feeling after reading my letter?)  Hope to hear from you soon. 

Yours lovingly, 


P.S : You can either answer my questions, face -to-face or with a letter. The choice is yours 🙂



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