Change can be something good and beautiful, if we are changing for the better. Seeking to love our spouse better we are motivated to change because our spouse helps us to see the good and the worst that is in us. And staying on in this topic of ‘Change,’ one thing that we must keep in mind is the fact that our outward appearances don’t last, we are constantly changing, and to base our AFFECTIONS for anyone on the basis of their outward appearance is tantamount to building a house upon the sand.

We are continuing our marriage devotional blog series, where we are sharing what we have been learning from the book, The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional’ by Timothy and Kathy Keller. Early into this year, we had decided to read this book together in order to work on our marriage, because we realized that the important things in our life need constant CARE and ATTENTION!! 

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Beauty That Lasts

We are living now in a very image-based culture, in which a lot of emphasis is placed upon the outward appearance. It’s looks and impressions that matter the most.This means that a lot of aging people and overweight people—especially women—can easily come to hate themselves.’ Beauty is prized above everything and this puts pressure on marriage and on marriage seekers. The Bible however, stresses on the fact that BELIEFS and CHARACTER should be given priority over external appearance. 

Beauty idolatry tends to distort the judgement of those looking to get married, because they are judging a person based on what they see, and we all know that outward appearances don’t last, they slowly fade away with each passing day. Marriage relationships are also hampered by this attitude because it puts an undue strain upon our spouse to always stay attractive, which will lead to an erosion of trust between the marriage partners.


Changing For The Better

The older we get the more difficult it becomes for us to change our ways. In a marriage relationship our spouse helps us to see ourselves in a much BETTER LIGHT, the good and the bad becomes more evident when we are sharing close quarters with our spouse. ‘In a good marriage we will want to be different. Why put off marriage until it is harder to change?’ 

We hope that you are helping your spouse to see him- or herself better through your marriage. Pray that God would help you to neither be too critical or not critical enough, and to do all things out of LOVE

We hope that this post would help you to build a stronger and healthier marriage, one where TRUST will thrive!! 

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