The Marriage Relationship is BUILT TO LAST! It may not always be smooth sailing but those relationships that ride out the storm come out of it more STRONGER and more FULFILLING! Another aspect of the marriage love relationship is that, it doesn’t have a substitute, every other relationship that competes with it, will in the end fade away.  These are topics that we are covering in this blog post as we continue our blog series on the Marriage Devotional by Timothy and Kathy Keller (Please pray for Timothy Keller as he is battling pancreatic cancer.)

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Marriage Has No Equal

People are afraid of marriage, and as a result they would rather settle for something that on the surface looks like a marriage but upon careful examination one finds that it’s only a prop. There is something missing in such arrangements which is very crucial for any relationship to grow, and that is a lack of COMMITTED TRUST. When we settle for something less than marriage in a love relationship, we are in effect saying, “I want to receive things from you, but I don’t love you enough to trust my whole life to you.” We need God to help us to see that marriage can offer “so much more than fleeting passion or convenience.”

Staying the Course

In a marriage it is never a loving thing to allow someone to sin against you, that’s why there is no sanction in a marriage for allowing for adultery, desertion, or abuse. Even though God hates divorce, he permits it in this sinful world because there are instances where it may be the rightful thing to do. But it should only be pursued when there is no other recourse. We should hate divorce as God does. Whenever we encounter any marital difficulties in our marriage our natural tendency is to think that it is our spouse that is at fault, we fail to take into account our own flaws. Those who take a quick exit out of a marriage when they hit a roadblock in their marital relationship, and enter into another marriage will no doubt be taking all their flaws into that relationship too; it’s a recipe for disaster—a vicious circle. The solution would be to stay put in your marriage relationship and to work out your differences with your spouse— GROWING PAST YOUR FLAWS; studies have shown time and time again, that those marriage relationships that WEATHER THE STORM or those that STAY THE COURSE tend to be the ones that are more FULFILLING and SATISFYING down the road. 

We need to be “PATIENT with our spouse, and see our own faults and sins more clearly. UNDERSTANDING YOUR ROLE in any relationship’s problem is essential to getting beyond it.”

We were helped in getting a better clarity on the subject of Divorce and Remarriage by reading this article from Grace to You ministries.

Once again, we would like to thank you for staying with us on this journey so far. We hope that this post would be helpful for you all to build a strong and lasting marriage, that stays the course. We are praying for you all 🙂


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