Well, here we are at the threshold of a new year!! For all of us 2020 has been a very impactful year, it has had its fair share of ups and downs, sorrows and joys, wins and failures!! Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year has brought great sorrow for many; in the Bible we are called to weep with those who weep, so even though we didn’t face such loss in our immediate family we grieved with those who had to go through such tragedies. Writing from a Christian faith perspective we believe that God is sovereign over all things, and even through the fiery ordeals of this season of life His plans and purposes were never thwarted. For those who have entered into a right RELATIONSHIP with God all things work together for GOOD!! In one of our blog posts in the marriage devotional series we have written about how you can have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. With that said, we would like to recommend a book that we believe would be really helpful going into the new year, “Your Best Year Ever” by Michael Hyatt. For those of you who are not familiar with the author Michael Hyatt, he is the founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership development firm specializing in transformative live events, workshops, and digital and physical planning tools. 

According to the author, this book was written with the intention to give you clarity, to develop courage, and to leverage the commitment you need to achieve your goals. The subtitle of the book is ‘A 5-Step Plan For Achieving Your Most Important Goals.’ In this blog post we would like to share a brief overview of this 5-Step plan that has been outlined by the author. 


STEP 1 Believe The Possibility

In this step we are to consider our habits of thinking. Our beliefs play a massive part in how we approach life. Doubts keep us from succeeding in our goals. When we are faced with obstacles in our endeavours we ought to look for a new approach, you are bound to find a solution, a work around if you keep striving forward. The achievement of our goals begins with the understanding of the distinction between limiting beliefs and liberating truths. A limiting belief is a misunderstanding of the present that shortchanges our future.  


STEP 2 Complete The Past

We need to harness the power of ‘backward thinking’ to experience our best year ever. Backward thinking is nothing but thinking about our past experiences and learning from it so as to facilitate greater progress in the future. 

What stood out for us in Step 2 was the author’s emphasis on the importance of gratitude in the achievement of our goals. Gratitude has the potential to amplify everything good in our lives and is the best remedy for scarcity thinking.


STEP 3 Design Your Future

Results happen when we are intentional, when we force ourselves to be clear on what we want and why it’s important and then pursue a plan of action to accomplish our objectives. Committing to write your goals is foundational for success because of the clarity and the motivation that it brings. Our goals should stand outside our comfort zone as there is a strong direct relationship between the difficulty of our goals and the likelihood we will achieve them. When there’s fear, uncertainty and doubt associated with your goals then you are in the right place. It is going to be difficult but don’t overthink it. Get clarity for the next step, then take the next step in faith. A goal causes us to grow and mature because it’s more about the journey than the destination.


STEP 4 Find Your Why

This step is all about the importance of identifying and connecting with the motivations for each of our goals. In every pursuit there’s bound to be a middle phase—the messy middle—a period where moving forward becomes a little difficult. The key to getting through this is to leverage your motivations, this is what gives you the drive and the stamina to finish when the going gets tough. Another point that we must keep in mind in the pursuit of our goals is the importance of community. The right peers help us retain our belief and commitment when we hit the messy middle.


STEP 5 Make It Happen

“Setting the goal is only half the job. The other half is taking definitive action.” Instead of worrying of how to succeed commit to an easy next action. No matter how big the goal you can accomplish it if you take it one step at a time, the goal is risky but the next action isn’t. If the step doesn’t work out just take another step; sometimes you have to try several things before one works. Commit to act: you need to schedule your next step and then commit to act on it. Make it a priority and keep it like an appointment. 

A regular goal review process is also key to having your best year ever, to that end, journaling your progress will help to bring greater self awareness of your goals and their progress. 

Lastly, take time to recognize and rejoice in the progress that you have made as this will help to keep you emotionally connected to your goals. Celebration is a key component of living a full meaningful life. Skipping the celebration shortchanges our lives and the lives of those around us, cheapening our efforts.

All in all, after reading this book you are going to come out with a lot of wonderful strategies to accomplish your goals. We hope that through this post we have wetted your appetite. This book will prove to be a very useful resource going forward into the new year. “Your best year ever is vision that needs to be built or it won’t come true.”

Writing from a Christian perspective, the one thing that we must never forget is that, “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”


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