Darling, we have come to another anniversary in our lives!!

We are celebrating our eighth year of married life 🙂 There is nothing but gratitude in our hearts for what the Lord has been doing in each of our lives!!

As iron sharpens iron, our marriage has been to us a refiner’s fire, purifying us on our journey, to be what God wants us to be!!

With each passing year, as we move forward together, our friendship is flourishing!! 🙂 Like all the sweetest things in this life, they Ebb and Flow, our marriage too goes through its SEASONS in life. But we are not Who we were, when we started this Journey Together!! I can only say that, I am in a BETTER place now than where I was BEFORE I MET YOU!! 🙂

My darling Tisha, you have been to me a good helper; a helper indeed, for I am wrought with weaknesses, insufficiencies, and you have come alongside me and strengthened me from your position of Strength! For who else would need a helper but one who is beset with many  insufficiencies!! Wisdom, counsel, encouragement, and a steady dose of reality-check 🙂 you have brought into my life. And, I hope that I have been able to do the same for you!! 

I am sure that as we enter into this ninth year of our marriage that the Best Is Yet To Come!! The marriage promise that we made to each other eight years back was to give our whole lives to each other, physically, legally, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and there is a lot of security in knowing that we are bound to keep that promise that we made before God through Christ, before those gathered on our wedding day. Trust, vulnerability, and intimacy thrives in a relationship that is built on such a covenant promise!!

Happy Anniversary again, Sweetheart!!



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