Our marriage will GROW and FLOURISH when we commit to love our spouse EXCLUSIVELY!! This is difficult in a world filled with competing ‘loves,’ but an exclusive, life-long commitment to your spouse is essential in your marriage relationship. I have to confess that I myself at times, have found myself prioritizing our photography business above my relationship to Tisha, and those have been times of pain and angst. As time passes on, you might find yourself slowly drifting away from your spouse, how can you bridge the gap between you and your spouse? How do you reconcile with your spouse? These are the topics that we are covering in this blog post, so read on!!

We are continuing our Marriage Devotional blog series which is based upon the book by Timothy and Kathy Keller. You can catch up on our previous blog posts by clicking here.

Staying on the Same Page with Your Spouse

Marriage gives us a wonderful picture of our salvation in Christ! Our reconciliation with God has been brought about by Christ’s loving sacrifice. Through his work, we who were formerly separated from God have now been brought into a covenantal unity with him. ‘Marriage mirrors the gospel when, through mutual self-giving, the estranging effects of sin are overcome and a union (is) brought about of the very different—male and  female.’

When you experience alienation in your marriage, consider then that, you have been reconciled to God by the humble self-giving of the Son of God Jesus Christ, and follow his example in bridging the gap in your marriage.

Getting Your Priorities Right

An exclusive, life-long commitment is essential to know Christ. ‘(He) literally gave up everything in order to reconcile and unite with us.’ There is no way that we can know Christ unless he is our only Savior and Lord. And this truth communicates to us that we must be faithful to our spouse, and that, ‘no marriage can work if our careers or even our children vie with our spouse for first place in our hearts.’ An exclusive, LIFE-LONG COMMITMENT to Christ is essential to have a relationship with him, and the same goes for our spouse!!

Your spouse is uniquely suited to help you to identify what things compete with him or her for first place in your life. In our marriage relationship we are praying that God would help us to put those things in its proper place so that we can commit to an exclusive love relationship to each other!

As always, we are praying for you, and we hope that this post would be a BLESSING for you!!

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