Hi everyone, my name is Asish Raju. I am married to Tisha, and we are Portrait Photographers based in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in Wedding, Engagement, Family, Anniversaries, Maternity, Graduating Seniors, and Birthday Party Portraits.

We have made this country our home for over 30 years, and we love capturing your beautiful portraits against its backdrop. But that’s not all that there’s to us. Here are some more things that get me (Asish) going:

  •     Food: Appam, this is my comfort food! It’s the South Indian version of pancakes. We enjoy having it for breakfast and dinner.
  •     Kids: I love spending time with them. We’ve got three boys running around in our home!
  •     Reading: I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction, and our children are also growing up to be avid readers. 
  •     Swimming: I learned it late. We love hitting the beach whenever we can!
  •     Sunrise and Sunset: Favorite time of the day!
  •     Technology: An Apple fanboy here! But don’t ask me if I have the latest iPhone (these products are long-lasting).
  •     Blue skies, a few clouds, a gentle breeze blowing, and green grassyou just can’t beat that.



Hi, I’m Tisha Asish, and I’m just as passionate about capturing beautiful portraits. There are a few more things about me that you should know:

  •  Faith:  My comfort ‘to-do’ is fellowship with the believers. 
  • Song:  A new one out there that gets my attention is on ‘repeat-play’ till it’s in my head.
  • Singing: “Sing without ceasing” is my motto (especially with a guitar). I don’t know how to play one, but my brother does, and I think he does a pretty good job at it.
  • Colors: Praise God for them! Drawing, coloring, and painting are therapeutic for me because of it. 
  • Rain: Care to get wet in it and have hot cocoa or a beverage? That’s me!
  • Brain: I love the company of avid readers and hope their intelligence will rub off on me. (example: my husband and children)
  • Two-wheeler: Be it a bicycle or a scooter, I love riding them and feeling the wind on my face.

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