– About Me –

Hi, I’m Asish Raju and I am a portrait photographer based in the United Arab Emirates.  I grew up in this country and I just want to list out some things that I love and enjoy.
  •     Food: Pizza, all day, any time!
  •     Kids: I just love spending time with them, I’ve got two of them and they are a joy to be around.
  •     Reading: Fiction when I was a kid but now it’s mostly non-fiction.
  •     Swimming: Learned it late but loving every moment of it now.
  •     Sunrise and Sunset: Favorite time of the day.
  •     Home Decor: Favorite place, Ikea, I could spend hours there.
  •     Technology: A big ‘Apple’ fan here but don’t ask me if I have the latest iPhone (these products are really long-lasting).
  •     Blue skies, a few clouds, a gentle breeze blowing and green grassyou just can’t beat that.

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