Dear Tisha, here we are now entering into the last year of our first decade as husband and wife!! Our journey together this past year has been nothing short of an adventure!!  Through the ups and downs, the victories and the failures, our Savior and our Lord, Christ Jesus was with us in every step of the way. He has been with us as the Third Cord in our relationship, and we read in the Bible that, “A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” 

Marriage Devotional 

Well, looking back, the evening’s that we’ve spend in conversation after reading the marriage devotional by Timothy and Kathy Keller has proven to be the most beneficial in helping us to grow and mature in our relationship. It has helped us to examine our hearts closely and served as an encouragement to pray together and for each other. 


We’ve survived the roller coaster ride of the first trimester!! Through it all we witnessed again how you gracefully endured all the burdens of this season of life.


We have now put behind us three years of Jayden’s schooling, and this year we got through the highs and lows of Noah’s first year of kindergarten!! What a privilege it for us to bring them up in the “discipline and the instruction of the Lord” in the school of life!!

Our Business

What can I say! In this photography business that we are running together, this year has been a very significant year. We’ve continued to move forward with the vision for our business to Impact, Encourage, and Strengthen marriages.

We do not know the future but we do know the One who holds tomorrow, and He is at the center of our marriage.

Happy Anniversary darling! I love you!


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