A Happy Marriage is something that we all aspire for, but what we see around us is a lot of people aiming for that target of personal happiness in their marriage but somehow always missing it. Well, it just might be that we are all aiming at the wrong target! We would do well by setting our sights on another key aspect of marriage to unlock the potential of TRUE HAPPINESS in our marriage’s. That’s what we will be touching on in this post and along with that topic we’ll also be discussing issues related to the GROUND REALITIES of marriage: how the hard things in your marriage is really working for your GOOD!

Well, it has been a month since we started this Marriage devotional blog series based upon The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional: A Year of Daily Devotions, by Timothy and Kathy Keller (you can read all our earlier posts by clicking here,) and we are thankful to God that we’ve been able to move forward this far with this endeavor. 

Finding True Happiness in Your Marriage

Our culture views marriage as a means for personal happiness. The Bible teaches us that the love between a husband and wife in a marriage is a reflection of our relationship with Jesus Christ. We have entered into a relationship with Christ because he humbled himself by becoming like one of us, that he might die on the cross for our sins and we on our part have SURRENDERED ourselves in repentance and service to him. Marriage’s in which the husband and wife are sacrificially loving each other truly reflect the SAVING LOVE of God, and so marriage’s have the wonderful potential of shaping our CHARACTER into God’s likeness. “And there is a great happiness that is a by-product of giving sacrificial love both to Christ and to our spouse.”

The Hard and the Wonderful

The truth about marriage is that it is at the same time both exceedingly HARD and uniquely WONDERFUL; and it is the exceedingly hard part that makes us want to give up on marriage. But if you were to closely examine your life, you would realize that so much of what you cherish now —your career, your educational qualifications, your achievements, be it in the field of sports, in the field of arts— it came with a lot of intentional, diligent, concentrated effort on your part—the EXCEEDINGLY HARD part! So too in marriage, it’s the exceedingly hard part that’s what’s working to produce in your life CHARACTER and VIRTUE, and that’s the BEAUTY of marriage.

We hope that this post would be helpful to help strengthen your relationship with your spouse. We are praying for you!


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